The fact that this incompetent idiot who replied back to the original question stating that Hair Stylists don’t know anything about formulations, you clearly don’t know what all a Cosmetologist has to learn in College. However, it’s NOT true that SLS produces nitrosamine. Also, my curls look good in the morning so I only need a quick touch-up to smooth any stray hairs or tame a tiny bit of frizz here and there. I lose more hair in the summer, just like my cats do! Aqua, sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, Sorbeth-450 Tristearate, PEG-9 cocoate, PEG-32 distearate Transform dry, damaged hair and protect it from damage caused by styling and external stressors, like humidity, with this deeply hydrating treatment. I’m sure our readers really appreciate your input. Thanks for stating your beliefs about beauty products. It was like nothing that has ever felt or seen my hair do after just one use. To mask how awful their product is. Early on when it began it was heavily perfumed. I have always had very THICK & COURSE hair, shoulder length. Maybe for dry hair, Pantene is good. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from dry, brittle and dull hair and wants to have beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. Thanks for the kind words, Stephanie. Only the package and fragrance are changed. I love it ! I had a young Indian girl come in the beginning of the summer with a head full of hair, just beautiful. You won’t lose your hair because of Pantene. Always come back to Pantene , which makes my hair super manageable and shiny, going to stay with this super product from now on !!! It’ll act as sort of a barrier to letting any moisture in. You talk about data (hearsay/subjective opinions) of how many people LOVE Pantene. Have never straighten my hairs nor i use to apply any gel or anything which damages hair But at the end of the day some people are fitness and health fanatics and get cancer in their twenties, some people smoke, drink heavily and are exposed to highly toxic environments at work every day of their life and the live forever. PEG free Good for you. The more water, the more diluted the product, and the more product you will need to use to achieve the desired result. You know what *I* don’t want to pay for? If this isn’t true, can you explain why I always have colour issues with Pantene users? As of today, no more Pantene. All of this happened when I was using Pantene. I love Pantene. I had that problem with Tresse Me smooth. I am an African-American woman with relaxed hair. Artificial chemicals are bad for humans, chemicals are man made poisons. More popular is the Pantene Pro-V (Pro-Vitamin), which is a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioning formula. This has never happened like that before to my hair. But if I think back to decades ago when you couldn’t get all these natural and expensive products, my hair was always beautiful and in great condition. var mnSrc = (isSSL ? I used mostly salon shampoos (enjoy, tedken) but did not notice much change. Yeah, I can understand not liking a product or being unhappy with it, but Pantene would not have been around for the entirety of my life if it made everyone’s hair fall out. This was from the ASA, do you know who they are? Anyhow, just wanted to thank the Randy Schueller for providing help to consumers. Not a fan and will never be. Simple mathematics. Just washed it today and omg how much I’ve missed it! Its everywhere… buses, billboards, cable. Then I hit on Pantene’s formula for dry hair – and bingo. Then one day a sales person asked me what I used. I won’t knock panteen but just be aware of the ingredients that you are putting into your hair and the effects they have over time. How do we know? When I first tried it again about 2 years ago and I still won’t use it. It cleans well, and conditions well ! Is the person you are listening to an educated licensed cosmetologist or educated chemist or is it a well spoken marketer? Thanks for taking the time to comment! It is important but it isn’t a very differentiating factor because almost all shampoos are in the range 5 to 7. I think if you look at the products ingredients a great deal of time Shampoo’s that say smooth have ingredients like almond oil or proteins soy for instance too much can cause that. I fuss with my hair much, much less. Are you usually this rude? So anyway, after using all my Pantene shampoo and conditioner, I started using suave coconut shampoo and conditioner which isn’t the first time and I always liked it too… After a week My hair started to fall out like crazy and I just noticed today that I have itchy head full of dandruff what could have caused this? It’s added a lot of times to make the product application smoother. I have hair to my waist that is extremely thick. I’m a cosmetologist and have taken many beauty classes. Not even for Optimum. Instead of twisting your hair up and into a clip at night, try separating it into two parts with one on each side of your head and braiding them. So that is a benefit with Pantene. I also agree that I would love to see peer reviewed studies measuring conditioner buildup of drug store vs salon brands but I’m not aware of any. USAGE: WHO: If you have damaged, stressed, or overworked hair. They get greasy. CAN YOU READ? I just don’t know what to do. If you go through a small bottle once two months, you’re spending at least $36 for shampoo during the year. Cleansing conditioner is just a fancy name for a conditioner. Also, in the hair growth cycle, there is also a time when your hair stops shedding and all of a sudden starts growing again, the new hair. Buy pure essential lavender oil. I was shocked at how well this performed. And like you said, you need to choose the correct treatment for your hair. But 9 out of 10 of my clients with wavy or curly hair that used Pantene at home, hair has broken off in several places or is very dry. Oh, and lastly, in regards to your comments in the article about hair dressers – I think everyone is also taking that out of context. First, we have Pantene’s Repair and Protect Conditioner. Inch of my hair. (I have been known to even search out cosmetologists who continue to teach and travel. I tried some of this while travelling and bought some as soon as I returned home. I DO NOT know the answers to the hair care questions that matter, but I certainly DO know how to find a trusted proffesional who CAN answer them. My hair looks great and I will never change. Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Conditioner. We must all gain experience and start somewhere! I was told by my hair stylist that is a family friend that when she was in college they did a study about pantene, but I do not know what it was about. I have a giant warehouse size pantene shampoo & conditioner in my shower. So I stopped using it. We praise people who us their honest opinion of the product without judging if it’s good or bad for others. Let’s say a bottle of pantene costs $5.99. He said that they knew their product was awful. *shampoo & conditioner system vs. non-conditioning shampoo. It appears as if there has been a coating of cream on your hair which is protective layer. Randy sounds like the more rational voice of reason to me. Of course, I also use John Frieda Anti-Frizz Serum and Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Frizz Control Ultra Smoothing Balm (I highly recommend the latter, just apply to wet hair). It works on frizz by coating the hair shaft. I pair this with the conditioner and it makes my hair extremely smooth. Pantene was originally introduced in 1945 in Switzerland and was bought from Hoffman-La Roche in 1985. I did try other names–L’oreal, Suave, forgotton dollar store stuff, Jason (which i loved, but was too spendy for me), Avalon (also loved)–but always came back to Pantene, which seemed to give my short hair the best softness and strength despite harsh coloring and heat styling I put it through. Thanks MC! Sad world we live in when people care more about how they look than the state of their health -_-. Im new to Pantene and just love it! Can I use a Pantene conditioner with my sulfate-free shampoo? Many people dont even know how to use shampoo and conditioner correctly, no one EVER told them the right way. I’m not sure I understand your point Heather. That would most likely be mostly due to dimethicone and its kin, which coats the hair strands and make it look shinier and feel smoother. We’re mammals after all. As for pantene? 4.3 from. Before you’re baffled by our ignorance you might want to take some time to educate yourself. I only wash my hair a couple of times a week and prefer a clarifying shampoo applied mostly to the scalp, followed by whatever scalp treatment I am using, followed by whatever the current “sleek” Pantene conditioner formulation is, applied mostly to the roots. My hair is in great condition now. Celebrity Cosmetics: Jennifer Aniston uses Caudalie skin care. Frankly, it’s all about perception, with salon vs pantene. Some people love Pantene other people hate it it, but the facts are the facts. But, my hair is over a foot long and I cut it about once a year. That’s a very naive attitude. It didn’t do much. The same thing everyone does at their jobs in order to get a paycheck. It truly is the best, despite what some of these know-it-alls may say about it! It seemed to take forever for all that damaged hair to grow out. And when did this start? P&G, makers of Pantene, have a HUGE research budget. As a licensed cosmetologist, who has a passion for the science of chemistry and product formulation, I must agree that Pantene is a good product. Because that’s what they’re told by the sales representatives for the salon companies. There’s nary a plastic to be found in Pantene. Same here, handfuls of fall out when using the Pantene conditioner… I believe someone warned about this Pantene a few years ago, I’d forgotten and bought some thinking it would be good . Because we’ve worked on these products and tested many, many different formulas both salon and drugstore. IS PANTENE GOOD FOR MENS HAIR BECAUSE I WANTED TO TRY IT OUT. The Pantene Shampoo. PLEASE BE HONEST. And I figured the master stylist who did all the color-corrections would know how much would be too much. MY hair immediately began falling out. No doubt about that Pantene is a very good product but sorry to say that it didn’t works on my hair. WRITE A REVIEW. Shampoo is by no means the only culprit for your hair woes. Patent 2 in 1shampoo has literally made my scalp so itchy and has caused me to lose a. I will not be using pantene in the future and i especially will not be using it after reading the condescending comments from Randy Schueller. (photo for reference: ). I love my Pantene Repair and Protect shampoo and conditioner it does a great job on my hair. Then I heard it was bad and started using expensive sulphate free salon products. Education other than cosmetology school is ignorant and disrespectful to the entire beauty industry, not to mention giving incorrect info in this article. After trying about 8 different ones i finally found one that worked! It smells wonderful and doesn’t leave residue, and you can often get it for a great price (Check Ulta or your local hair salon for deals). Keep up the good work! So, I went back to using the Pantene Shampoo just to see if there was going to be any difference. Maybe you’re a mother who didn’t take prenatals? they are going to let a competitor have something better? It made my hair feel and look beautiful. Don’t compromise reason because there are people who just want to tear down companies like Pantene. PEG-175 distearate, PEG-8 coco glucoside dimethicone…. I don’t like the sodium lauryl sulfate in their shampoos, but I do like Pantene conditioners. It was super rich and concentrated and you only used a dab. It makes it feel super clean and lathers great. I bought the Pantene Volume shampoo and conditioner…It obviously stripped my hair of anything i had on it…My hair is just about impossible to brush out after showering..Never again will I use this horrible product…14.00 down the drain…What a waste!!! Her hair was gorgeous so I didn’t ask what she was using because whatever it was it was working. Everything is made of chemicals or elements and some sound scary if you don’t know what they do and are too belligerently ignorant to learn.

is pantene repair and protect good

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