11.2 ounce strung weight 4 points head light balance. MP Length: 27.25 inches Weight: Strung — 10.7 oz Unstrung — 10.2 oz Tension: 50-60 Pounds Balance: 3 Pts Head Light Beam Width: 26.5mm Composition: High … We see you have landed on this site from Canada, please click the flag to redirect to our Canadian Site, Thank you. Head size. Wilson has also updated the Ultra with new state of the art technologies. Wilson delivers on both promises with the new Ultra 100 Countervail. The Wilson Ultra 100L Camo design delivers sharp, cool look and is lightweight and easily maneuverable from all angles on the court Power Rib throat geometry optimizes power through greater stability and … Our Store is Open 867 BroadwayNew York, NY 10003212-255-8889, OPEN DAILY in. Limited In-Store Shopping, © 2020 Paragon Sports Co. LLC All Rights Reserved. Racquet Specs Head Size: 103 sq. Wilson Ultra 100 CV Scores; Power: 83/100: Comfort: 80/100: Touch/Feel: 77/100: Serves: 82/100: ... Slice: 79/100: Topspin: 84/100: Volleys: 85/100: Overall: 81/100: Groundstrokes – Score 83/100. With a static weight of 318 grams, the Ultra 100 is perfectly suited for the intermediate player looking for an … The 2017 Wilson Ultra line has been designed to enhance the performance of a wide range of players. Strung weight. Click Here for Holiday Shipping Timelines The 2.0 version of the Ultra is designed to ramp up the power without sacrificing feel... The Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail (CV) Black/Blue Midplus Tennis Racquet is a great all-around, well balanced frame. The 2.0 version of the Ultra is designed to ramp up the power without sacrificing feel and playability. The Wilson Ultra 100 CV brings baseline power to a whole new level. The new Ultra 100 CV sports the same “Uncontaminated Design” of a single base color with bold accents at 3 and 9 o’clock that the other Wilson lines all now own. But there are similarities since the Ultra Tour 95 CV is extended, 95 sq inches, and in case of the BLX Tour, has similar stiffness. Wilson. Shop / 645.16 sq. And if we had to quickly describe it in a few words, we would call this stick the Swiss Army Knife of … While extremely versatile thanks to the head light balance and 10.3 ounces strung weight, the Wilson 100L is … So we’ve written a guide to tennis racket specifications that will help explain exactly what each different term means and how it will impact your racket. Early! Mark- "Although the Ultra Tour sort of stands alone, I have to include the Babolat Pure Strike (both 16x19 and the 18x20), the Prince Textreme Tour 95, the Yonex SV 98 and Duel G 97 (310) and the Pro Kennex Ki QTour (300)." With a 100 square inch head size, a 11.2 ounce strung weight, and a 4 points head light balance?—?the 2018 Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail redefines power and versatility for a variety of players. Together, these two technologies increase the Ultra’s sweetspot by 15%. This 2.0 update of the original Ultra 100 features Countervail (CV) technology integrated into the graphite makeup of the frame. The Ultra Tour is a unique player’s racquet that is offered with a slightly lighter weight, weighing in at 11.4 ounces strung. The head-light balance led to fast, effortless swings and the Countervail technology did feel like it reduced wear and tear upon impact. Playing with the Ultra 100 CV felt like I could generate good power, spin and control off both wings. 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But the main thing I enjoyed was the ease with which everything took place. 100 sq. New for 2020, version 3 of the Ultra 100 upgrades two important performance features for players who tend to have a more classic horizontal swing: power & stability. Product Information The Wilson® Ultra 100L Tennis Racquet incorporates power and versatility in a lighter frame. 11am-7pm CV … Cushion Foam handle to soften impact for extra dampening and shock absorption, the result is smooth comfort. The racket felt great for what it is, which i… This offered great balance, a lovely stable hit and comfort throughout the shot. … cm. Power Rib throat geometry optimizes power through greater stability and … RacquetGuys! Unleash your power with the all-new Ultra 100 Countervail. The Ultra Tennis Racquet shatters expectations by redefining the power racquet. … in. Wilson Tennis www.wilson.com 800-272-6060 NOTE: Add 1 foot to each measurement in the LENGTH column when using Co-Poly, Polyester or Kevlar strings. The new Ultra comes with Wilson's Uncontaminated Design, a modern aesthetic, including matte finishes and a next level smooth, velvety paint job that will allow any player to look great while competing out on the court. close, Early! 100 square inch head size 11.2 ounce strung weight 4 points head light balance? Wilson developed the new 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail to be tailored towards the all-court player seeking an easy to swing frame, which provides effortless power to go with excellent maneuverability and comfort. Thanks to the 325 swingweight and a 63 stiffness rating, the Wilson … Wilson has also modified their grommet system with new Crush Zone technology that compresses at impact to provide increased ball dwell time on the strings, producing a better feel with more potential energy that helps drive explosive power. 10.4oz / 294.84g. Troy- "This Wilson Ultra … Closed Thanksgiving Day The Wilson Ultra 100L is a powerful racquet with technology that promote crushing power. Stiffness. Wilson Ultra 100 v3Tennis Racquet. In addition, the Ultra 100 Countervail's 100 square inch head size, 11.2 … The Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail is loaded with potential from the baseline. http://bit.ly/2hPAZYT Wilson updates the Burn 100 with some extra speed and comfort. 100 sq. Item Number: 73-WRT73731 It consists of six models: the Ultra 100 Countervail ® (CV), Ultra 100L, Ultra 100UL, Ultra 105S CV, Ultra 110 and Ultra … The second generation of the Ultra 100 is loaded with power, spin and precision. With the update comes new technologies, including Power Ribs in the throat area, Crush Zone grommets and Countervail material in the frame. Wilson Ultra 100L. Description. in., 11.2 oz… More Details. Wilson Ultra Tour CV 95 Racquet Review – Specs Head Size: 105in²/677cm² Length: 27.25in / 69,2cm Weight: 10.7oz / 303g Unstrung Weight:10.1oz / 285g Balance:33,5cm /4 pts HL Unstrung Balance:32,5cm/ 7 pts HL Swingweight:315 String Pattern: 16 Mains / 15 Crosses Head Size. 3 pts Head Light. The Ultra … The Wilson Ultra 100 CV weighs just 300g, but it is slightly head-light in balance. Its power is booming, effortless and it lets you dictate play from every corner of the court . The Tour features excellent feel to go with extraordinary precision. The TW playtesters were able to make a seamless transition as the specs … This racket swings easy and provides additional maneuverability to go along with its … This product is currently unavailable for purchase. Created by advanced science and beautiful design but most importantly, it gives each player the confidence to stand up and say. In result, Wilson’s new Power Rib technology provides greater stiffness and stability correlating to more power and increased directional accuracy. Click here to read it. The Wilson Ultra 100 tennis racquet (or stick) replaces and improves upon the popular Wilson Juice line. No matter what he actually uses, it is not the Wilson Ultra Tour 95 CV. The “new technologies” introduced in the Wilson Ultra 100 CV is the following (quoted from Wilson’s website). Ultra 100L. Unleash your power with the all-new Ultra 100 Countervail. Parallel Drilling for more forgiving string bed response and increased sweet spot. The Wilson Ultra Tour 95 CV simply lands somewhere in between those two racquets. Wilson tweaked and enhanced the racquet’s throat geometry at the crucial bending and twisting area of the frame. Balance. The braided graphite technology, aka Countervail (CV) gets rid of the unwanted … I am powerful!

wilson ultra 100 cv specs

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