20. ◀Previous Post Next Post Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu / Ladys Finger Tamarind Gravy is usually prepared for a lunch and pairs well with rice. Serve bhindi masala gravy or vendakkai kozhambu with steamed hot rice with a dollop of ghee for a delicious weekend lunch. 2. Wash and grind it along with jeera, green chilli and grated coconut with little water to a smooth paste. Here is how to do Vendakkai Kara Kuzhambu. Vendakkai Moru Kootan | Okra Buttermilk Curry. Its usually served with rice. To make vendakkai puli kulambu, chopped okra is sauteed in sesame oil. Then the fried vendekkai is stirred with ground paste consisting of shredded coconut, red chillies and an array of different ingredients. Usually it is had with hot rice with a side of some dry vegetable curry and crispy fryums. https://www.blendwithspices.com/vendakkai-mandi-recipe-chettinad It is tangy, spicy and absolutely delicious and goes well with rice.Ingredients. Vendakkai kara kuzhambhu or Vendakkai puli kuzhambhu is a popular lunch item in TamilNadu, it is spicy, tangy, tamarind gravy goes well with rice, kootu papads. 1. Cuisine Style: South India | Cooking Time: 20 minutes | To Serve: 4 | Take with: rice | Type: Lunch Gravy. Puli Kuzhambu is usually made with fresh tamarind extract cooked with an assortment of spices, flavored heavily with curry leaves. For some unexplainable reason, this vegetable goes really well with the tangy spicy broth. Green okra[vendakkai, ladies finer]- 10; Garlic flakes -5; Onion -1; Green Chillies -3 to 4; Curry leaves- 1 spring; Mustard seeds -1/2 tsp ; Rice flour- 1 tbsp; Tamarind water -1/2 cup; Water -1/2 cup; Salt to taste ; Oil - 3 tbsp; Preparation. Tangy Vendakkai Gravy for Chapati Introduction. Great recipe for Vendakkai Kadalai Masala Recipe | Lady’s finger chana masala. It is usually made with veggies like okra/ ladiesfinger, whitte pumpkin, drumstick, arbi, capsicum etc . The juicy bite of the ladies finger soaked in tamarind gravy is so delicious. Simple & easy Vegetarian and Non - Vegetarian Recipes with step by step pictures for better understanding. Ingredients. https://rakskitchen.net/vendakkai-poriyal-recipe-dal-tadka-recipe Mor Kuzhambu or mor kulambu, buttermilk gravy is the most simple recipe passed on from my paati (grandmother). And of all mor kuzhambu recipes, this vendakkai morkuzhambu recipe has to be one of my favorites. Puli Kuzhambu is one of the ways I have come to enjoy Okra/Vendakkai. Mor kuzhambu, meaning a yogurt based curry – Mor ( Buttermilk) kuzhambu ( Gravy ) is a comforting and delicious curry that is usually served with rice. Kara Kuzhambu is generally made with a choice of veggies like drumstick, brinjal etc… but I heavily fall for kara kuzhambu made with vendakkai – ladies finger. Vendakkai is also known as Lady finger / Okra. This vendakkai puli kulambu keeps well for 2-3 days. We love this combination and my MIL will make puli kuzhambu too. Vendakkai/ Okra Puli kuzhambu is a popular dish in Tamilnadu where a gravy is made out of coconut and tamarind extract. This is different from mor kuzhambu in terms of the spices used for grinding. Chop okra and saute it in a pan with little oil until the stickiness in the okra leaves. An easy and tasty south Indian kuzhambu varieties made with crispy cut behind / ladies finger / okra / vendakkai in a creamy and flavored sour curd sauce. Mor kuzhambu | vendakkai more kulambu recipe | vendakkai mor kuzhambu | okra yogurt gravy with detailed step by step photo and video recipe. This okra recipe with gravy made using tomatoes, onions and spices is a South Indian Kerala style vegetarian as well as vegan curry recipe. Category: Main. Then add the tamarind spice mix in. Wash and dry the ladies finger on a towel.

vendakkai gravy for rice

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