1More Spearhead VR Review . 1MORE is back again with a new pair of headphones, this time aiming for the gaming communities with their new Spearhead VR over-ear gaming headphones.These new headphones are … I don’t know why 1More decided to do this, but the retractable LED stick will light up as you speak into the microphone, or glow a solid color when the mic is muted. The 1MORE Spearhead VR headphones have endlessly customizable sound and is good for both gaming and music. 1MORE Spearhead VRX gaming headphones with Waves Nx head tracking technology and 7.1 surround sound for a hyper-realistic gaming and entertainment experience. The coaxial dual-dynamic driver layout allows two diaphragms to … This review is intended to provide you with the most reliable information about the 1More Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones. Award-winning Spearhead VR gaming headphone from 1MORE feature 7.1 surround sound and a 50 mm Graphene driver for bass you can feel. Regardless, if you’ve decided the software isn’t worth the risk or potential headache, you won’t be missing too much. The 1More is a no bells and whistle honest to god gaming headset that wouldn’t be out of place in a recording studio. Getting a decent seal is easy, but the headset can’t manage to block out more than the whirring of a fridge. In short, these headphones will serve those looking for a headphone that is good for both gaming and music. The 1More Spearhead VR BT In-Ear Headphones are sleek, sexy and have a great flashy red led, The fact the 10 min charging for 3-hour use actually works is great to see as you should not be … That said however, we wish 1MORE could have gotten rid of the annoying microphonics from simply moving your head. 1MORE Spearhead VRX – Design and Features The VRX are a very comfortable set of cans. 1MORE Spearhead VR BT Earbuds – Performance Now for the kicker. Internal mic sounds worse than an external one. Today, we’re going to take a look at its little brother, the 1more Spearhead VR BT … The metal suspension band features a mesh covered pad, which matches the material of the ear pads. For a current retail price of $99.99, the Spearhead VR headphones offers a wired, USB-powered headset with mic and a customizable RGB lighting to underscore the gaming pedigree, it’s a solid entry into the crowded headset space. Having already burst onto the headphone scene with multi-driver earphones and headphones, it was only a matter of time before 1More expanded into gaming … The 1More Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones are one of the newer options available that tries to create a deep sense of immersion through 3D sound with 7.1 channel surround sound. There’s a brief line in the headset’s manual indicating that you shouldn’t have headset plugged in when installing the software, or else the installation will fail. As you can check, this headphone comes with many amazing features. The 1MORE Spearhead VR are an impressive first attempt by the company at crafting a gaming headset that also excels at music. 1More Spearhead VR BT In-Ear Headphone Review Author: Darren McCain. You’ll hear enemy footsteps just fine but you’ll want to disable the virtual surround sound DSP settings when listening to music, which you can do inside the app. This review is intended to provide you with the most reliable information about the 1More Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones. 1More’s Spearhead VR Headphones come with environmental noise cancellation technology (ENC), a proprietary system that uses a dual microphone array to filter out background noise. The 1MORE Spearhead VR are an impressive first attempt by the company at crafting a gaming headset that also excels at music. I’d say the build quality is pretty good and the materials used are with decent quality as well. Listen for yourself: Probably not, unless you really enjoy looking like you’re talking into a lightsaber. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. While this is without doubt a case of user error, it doesn’t feel unreasonable to mention—given that something as seemingly minor as having the headset plugged in could result in such a catastrophic failure. If it’s something you’re worried about, the Spearhead app also supports custom EQ settings, so you can readjust things as needed. The use of plastics also means we get annoying microphics - mechanical sounds like taps, creaks and cable noise are all transmitted through the headphone. These are the best gaming headsets in 2018, Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals 2020: all the best bundles, consoles and games, Where to buy PS5: restock tracker to find PS5 on sale during Cyber Week, New Arm-based gaming PC set to take on Intel and AMD rigs, FIFA 21 on PS5 sounds way more fun than the Xbox Series X version, Best Buy Cyber Monday 2020: final deals on 4K TVs, laptops, AirPods, and more, Antivirus alone is no longer enough to keep your devices protected, 5 amazing Black Friday gaming accessory deals from Currys PC World. Gaudy design decisions aside, there’s actually a lot to like about this headset. The 1MORE Spearhead VRX is the newest addition to the higher-end of the gaming headset market. 1MORE is a Chinese company that is available in over 27 countries/regions and has recently entered the South African market thanks to Syntech. Even if it had very good isolation, this wouldn’t really be a headset to take outdoors, but attenuation like this only hammers that point home further. When the Spearhead app is installed properly it’s still not great to use. Gamers on a budget should check out the Kingston HyperX Cloud while audiophiles with bigger wallets should check out the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless 2, which accepts an optional mic for gaming. On the right side earcup… A sharply elegant contrast to the over hyped and vastly overrated Beats headset. https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/1more-spearhead-vr-gaming-headphones This forced me to the restore and reinstall everything on my computer. There are a lot of features in this app that don’t make many apparent changes to the way things sound. The 1More Spearhead VR has pretty unique audio output for a gaming headset, but not necessarily in a good way. The 1More Spearhead VR also supports an environmental noise cancelling feature for the microphone, which effectively gets rid of the muffled internal mic noise. While this won't be a massive issue for most gamers, 1More's system … Playing games like Risk of Rain 2 and League of Legends on PC worked great, and I never had trouble hearing disparate games underneath the games’ score. Build-wise, the Spearhead … You will receive a verification email shortly. Please refresh the page and try again. As with every other kind of virtual standard, surround sound isn’t a necessity and it’s not going make you better at a game—ultimately, it’s just a little more information. Namely, the software tries to create a sense of space around your head but resolution takes a dive. Turn all of the various 3D effect on, the sound quality gets noticeably more artificial sounding. The Spearhead VR BT was the fourth of four earbud sets I tested in quick succession for IGN, and I knew within 20 … It’s not that the 1More Spearhead VR doesn’t have very much going for it. In music, a frequency response like this may look a little wonky, but it should do just fine for most genres. There was a problem. However, be sure to turn off any of the fancy virtual surround settings if you want to listen to your tunes without messing up the balance of the original recording. 1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones are made of durable materials – anodized aluminum, which is remarkably resistant to scratches and hides fingerprints. Visit our corporate site. © 1MORE Africa sent me over a pair of gaming headphones called the H1005 Spearhead VR 7.1 to review. The Spearhead VR comes in a stylish box that holds the headset, two cables, a carrying pouch, a user manual, and a cool sticker. Published: Tuesday, February 05, 2019. NY 10036. Beyond changing the color, you can set the Spearhead VR to breathe or mimic a heartbeat. This is absolutely maddening if small extraneous sounds bother you. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The 1MORE Spearhead VR has a light sound signature filled with airy vocals, on the brighter side for mids and highs, and with a dark background. While audiophiles won’t be impressed, these headphones will sound great to most. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, PC Hardware Review: The 1MORE USA Spearhead VR gaming headset. Comfort - which is extremely important for gaming headphones - is just average. The noise cancelling is great. As mentioned earlier, this is very comfortable gaming headset, and wearing it even for multi-hour gaming sessions shouldn’t prove an issue for anyone. Controls for the 1MORE Spearhead VR can be found on the right earcup with a slider to toggle th noise cancelling mic on and off, as well as a volume wheel that can also change the amount of bass on the fly by depressing and rotating the wheel. New York, Last month, I did a review of the 1more Spearhead VR Gaming Headphones and I’d say, it is definitely unique and offers a ton of features while also sounding good. And that technology is the reason why they are so interesting. The Spearhead VR features customizable RGB with different effects as well as DSP settings to simulate a surround sound setup. This was the case until I picked up a pair of gaming headphones from 1MORE to review. LED tube is useless As you can check, this headphone comes with many amazing features. The quick-adjusting headband is nice but there’s slightly more clamping pressure that we would have liked. The headphones boast a steel headband and metal ear cup pivots but the rest of the headphone is made of plastic that creaks and groans when flexed. It is … The 1More Spearhead VR can provide a pretty solid gaming experience, but if you're not careful, it'll have you saying "no more" before the app's even set up. LED lighting allows you to personalize your look to game in … Despite the generally unpleasant software experience, gaming with the 1More Spearhead VR is actually  pretty solid. However, while most embedded microphones are, in a word, terrible, this one is largely quite good. Disclaimer: this unit came from 1More … While the sound quality impressed us, build quality could use some work. Alternatively, hardcore gamers who don’t care about music will want to check out the brutal-looking ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 headset. Similarly games like Spider Man and Dauntless on PlayStation 4 worked well. Catastrophic software risk This is probably one of the most accurate embedded microphones you find. If you’re especially into battle royale games like Fortnite or a shooter like Valorant, you may run into some issues picking out subtler sounds like footsteps during more intense firefights. The ear cups are extremely cushy and the stainless steel suspension headband is firm enough … I am very impressed in general with these and I would definitely recommend them. The 1More Spearhead comes with a full complement of features supported by custom software in the form of an app you can download from the company’s website. There’s still the basically unavoidable hallmark muffled echo you’ll find with almost every internal microphone, but otherwise this is very accurate. High range sounds like cymbals and some strings may have trouble keeping up. For example, the horn sections of Found a Child by Ballin’ Jack the rhythm come through loud and clear—just how you’d want—but the rhythm guitar accents that play at the same time get almost totally lost in the background. The app offers a suite of features powered by Xear audio like surround sound, dynamic bass, microphone clarity, and environmental noise cancelling. There are no issues with volume, and the bass range is accurately output well below the typical vocal range—something most gaming headsets really struggle with. To put it lightly: the app is unpleasant to use. With a price tag of $199/€209, it obviously aims at gamers with deeper pockets, who it tries to woo with a … From its pronounced suspension band to its rather complicated and angular hinge system (and yes, the colored LED lights that run through it)—this is a real gamer product. The included surround sound feature works well, though it was a little subtler than other virtual surround sound standards I’ve experienced. 1More Spearhead VR Review. However, it also has the worst software experience of any gaming headset I’ve used (no other app has even come close to forcing a full restore). Tapping on the ear cups also creates a hollow sound that reverberates in the acoustic chamber for several seconds. At-home workers looking for something comfortable with a decent mic, and don’t mind all the glowing lights. I also bought 1more's triple driver earbuds last year and those where great too. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! Editor’s note: This review was updated on August 20, 2020 to include a poll on microphone quality. They’re by no means deal breakers but they’re something to be aware of if you’re considering the 1MORE Spearhead VR as your main PC headphone. The 1More Spearhead VR is a wired gaming headset compatible primarily with the PC via USB connection, and consoles via 3.5mm. The Logitech G Pro X doesn’t have the gaudy LED lights, but it’s software does everything the 1More app aspires to without the risk of breaking your computer. Audio company 1More hasn’t made as many strides in the gaming headset market as, say, the true wireless earbuds space, but it’s got a few offerings. Actually using the headset is pretty straightforward. It’s made primarily of metal and plastic, and it strikes a great … Certainly, don’t expect anything approaching active noise cancelling. The 1More Spearhead VR is the company’s more affordable option, and it offers a pretty large stable of features. Case in point: The 1MORE Spearhead VR is the company’s first gaming headset and it’s an impressive first attempt. However, annoyingly, there’s a soft but still audible hiss from the headset when no music is playing, which isn’t a big deal but will drive audiophiles bonkers. Otherwise, the 1More Spearhead shouldn’t cause any issues. One of the great things about traveling to the Consumer Electronics Show every year is the chance to find something fun that was completely off your radar. The headphone boasts a steel headband but a majority of the headphone is made of plastic. However, the app is poorly laid out, and many times settings didn’t save after being “applied.”. … For $150, there are plenty of headsets that offer everything this one does, and more, only with better execution. This is a comfortable headset, with a decent array of features, and very accurate microphone. This is an easy headset to wear for a long time. In game, sound like this is totally fine. 1More provided a review model of the Spearhead VR headset for the purpose of this review. The 1More Spearhead VR is a wired gaming headset compatible primarily with the PC via USB connection, and consoles via 3.5mm. I installed the app with the headset plugged in the first time, and as prophesied by the info booklet: the installation failed, and put my computer in a boot loop. Against the competition, the 1MORE Spearhead VR are an undeniable value at $150 (about £106, AU$189) for all of its features. Audio output is just okay The headband is made of spring steel, and … The 1MORE logo, ear cup rings and superfluous mic “lightsaber” all illuminate and can be controlled in software. Additionally, our ears started getting steamy during extended gaming sessions even though the Spearhead VR features perforated ear pads. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is just comfortable as the 1More Spearhead, and offers basically all the same features for less money—plus it’s wireless. Simply moving your head will result in hearing the cable scrape against your shirt. It’s made primarily of metal and plastic, and it strikes a great balance between feeling sturdy and avoiding too much heft. The 1More Spearhead VR offers pretty average isolation for a gaming headset, which is to say, not much. In terms of construction, the 1more Spearhead VR is mostly made of hard plastic and metal for the headband. The ear pads are soft, and establishing a decent seal is easy. During our testing, we were impressed with the 1MORE’s great sound but came away disappointed by its little quirks. . Using the Spearhead app you can match the colored LEDs to your setup, or pick something different. As I mentioned before, despite its looks, the 1More Spearhead VR does not feature a boom microphone like most gaming headsets. Right off the bat, and more intensely than most, it’s extremely obvious what the 1More Spearhead is. What we’d like to see 1MORE do is create shortcuts so that gamers can quickly switch sound profiles with a keyboard shortcut instead of having to launch the app and toggle presets. Introduction. Sound quality is a highlight as the Spearhead VR are more than capable of performing dual duty as music and gaming headphones. The vocal range is accurately output for the most part, and if you’re into EDM, the bass emphasis will sound great.
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