Fantastic prices, fast delivery and top customer service. Using a company seal still has many advantages. A company stamp or company seal is the official seal used by a company. Shop from our range of Company Seal. This company supports the Metropolitan Police initiative to prevent sale of equipment for illegal purposes. Price includes VAT. Make an exclusive corporate brand with a business rubber stamp that will officialize documents, build professional appeal and promote brand recognition. The Companies Act 2014 provides that the company seal shall only be used with the authority of the directors or of a committee of directors. Hence, the rubber stamp can be used to stamp the company’s registration number on these specified documents. The idea behind the seal was fairly simple. However, you must ensure that your company seal is metallic with the business name legibly engraved. In the UK, a company may have a company seal under the provisions of Companies Act 2006 section 45. A common seal is also known as pocket seal or company seal in Singapore and used mostly in common law jurisdictions. Synonym for stamp Stamp can mean two things: 1) an official mark on a piece of paper that proves that the paper has been approved. About once a month someone asks us to provide them with a company seal or company stamp. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Next-day shipping on orders made before 10am. Generally, the stamp includes the company’s name, registration number and mailing address. Yang Seal - Background in Seal colour and Letters are transparent. Browse our great range of self-inking Company Stamps and Company Seals, ideal for marking official documents. The appearance of the seal must follow laws and regualtions as well: it should include the company name in Thai (and additionally in English or another language if that is desired). The seal was first used in China to represent the emperor's authority in official documents. Guide to VIMA in Singapore (Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements), Moving to a New Office: A Legal Checklist for Singapore Businesses, How to Change the Registered Address of a Singapore Company, Guide to Common Commercial Lease Terms in Singapore, How to Resolve Commercial Lease Disputes in Singapore, Legal Tips: Starting an Online Business in Singapore, On behalf of the company by at least 2 directors of the company; or. 2) A little piece of paper with a glue on the back that you glue to the envelope when you post a letter. We engrave and sell high quality corporate and company embossing presses, sometimes known as a common seal or company seal, useful for businesses and notaries to impress important documents with their name or logo. Do You Need a Licence to Sell Home Bakes in Singapore? Buy online today. McGrath Company Seals - Ireland's leading company seal provider. The company stamp, like the company common seal, is not a mandatory requirement. Company seals are also known as common or corporate seals. However, for companies formed prior to this date the company's constitution may mandate the use of a company seal. Chai Chung Hoong, Account Manager of AI Accountant will help you to purchase Company Stamp and Seal Makers. However, because it is relatively cheap to have a company stamp made, we usually recommend that clients get their company stamp done and the stamp is usually kept with one of the directors of the company. Modern Company Seal Stamp Below is a brief look at a selection of countries worldwide and the legal requirements regarding the use of a company seal (corporate seal). A company seal may be more convenient, since it replaces the need for two authorised signatories to sign each document. Australia Under The Company Law Review Act 1988 a company seal is no longer mandated. Many companies, however, still elect to use a seal as it does hold legal standing and circumstances may dictate that a seal is required. Registering a Business in Singapore: Do I Need to and How? It was a clear indication of action on behalf of the company. I had sought out IRB’s law firm to recover my deposit, equivalent to 2 months lease, from a Corporate Owner…, Cu-pinn is knowledgable and understands the needs of start-ups like us.
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