The clean white attenuates the top end a little more than the original tips with a bit more focus on upper mids and lower treble. The FiiO F9 Pro sits right in the middle of the catalog. Both F9 and F9 Pro received overall highly positive reviews. At its core, this is a keenly priced hybrid IEM using a single dynamic 9.2mm driver for the lows and a dual-BA driver design for the mids and highs. The F9 Pro comes with two detachable cables with gold-plated MMCX connectors. These are not exorbitant prices and if the F5 price to performance ratio is anything to go by then the F9 … Fiio sets the bar high with its feature-packed audio talk and premium aim. For the F9 Pro Fiio have upped the number of accessories included. If you pull back with force you won’t be able to get them out and worse you could damage them. The performance of the remote is patchy. Hybrydowe monitory douszne z trzema przetwornikami - bezkresowe brzmienie! The y-split barrel is also printed with the F9 Pro label. In comes Knowles TWFK-30017-000 balance armature drivers which in turn has helped FiiO to fine tune the sound of the F9 Pro. FiiO has added red and blue color rings to the base of the MMCX cable-side connectors to denote right and left and make it easier to quickly match up to your ear without checking for the physical label. I was lucky to have the privilege of being invited by FiiO for the launch of the F9 Pro back in Nov 2017 at the Dong Fang Hotel in Guangzhou, China. The over the ear cable experience was excellent with very little microphonics creeping up with either cable into my ear. Thanks for the reply! Comfort and fit are a very similar experience to the F9 though the additional foam tips will provide a slightly better experience. The wide and narrow single bore tips have been retained from the F9. Αρχική σελίδα / FIIO / EARPHONE / Fiio F9 PRO. The B400 is not as dipped but it is warmer sound. We must mention that this “Pro” variant succeeds the original F9. The F9 PRO utilizes a hybrid design in which each channel is composed of one dynamic and two balanced armature (BA) drivers. FiiO also contends that the ripple design adds an additional level of durability to the F9 PRO shell as well as maximize the internal space of the body. Be the first to review “Fiio F9 PRO” Cancel reply. It adds some enhanced pocketability to the F9 Pro that the hard case cannot offer. Comfort wise, I can have no complaints. Rob. FiiO F9 Pro comes with a much larger amount of accessories that might be useful than AM850 comes with, and F9Pro also has a better carrying case solution. How do these compare to the 1MORE Quad Drivers? The sound of that earphone left a bit to be desired, and this might be why Fiio upgraded the dual BA drivers to a Knowles-made solutionin the F9 Pro. 3.5mm single-ended cable with in-line controls. It's been a month since the F9 PRO's debut on FiiO 2017 Autumn Launch Event. In relative terms, however, this is still what I would classify as a potential ‘bang for buck’ offering. The fit is over-the-ear only for F9Pro, thing which should be kept in mind, and the cables on F9Pro … The F9 Pro internal packaging has the drivers on display outside the hard case whereas before they were found on the inside of the box. Only B400 I can’t test in person, because they are unavailable in my country. And it works. Disclaimer: The FiiO F9 Pro sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. I actually didn’t know that they … The difference between the F9 and the FiiO F9 Pro lies in the Balanced Armature drivers. The F9 Pro utilize the common pod-like earpiece form and therein the around-the-ear wear. Mic functionality was fine and I had no issues with in-call use during the testing. This is pretty much the default cable for those using an unbalanced DAP or 99.9% of all smartphones. I was never a fan of the cardboard holders as they fall apart easily and 12 sets are kind of hard to pack in without going to lightweight bags. Impedance: 28Ω 2. Thanks for the suggestion. No, I haven’t. Partly due to feedback and also internal design possibilities. That’s what makes it not … Simply switch to the hard case if you are sticking your F9 Pro in a bag and then alternate to the soft pouch for your smaller on-person or bag pockets and you are good to go. They are aimed at listeners who prefer strong bass and are rated as one of the best earphones in its price range by CNET. This provides for a wider surface area at the end of the MMCX housing which in turns provides for more space to easily connect the supplied cables. With two Knowles driver and one dynamic for the lows, it’s the jack of all trade most people will get. © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates, FiiO FH3 Triple Drive(1 Dynamic + 2 Knowles BA) in-Ear HiFi Earphones with High Resolution,Bass Sound, High Fidelity for Smartphones/PC/Tablet, FiiO FH5 Best Over The Ear Headphones/Earphones Detachable Cable Design Quad Driver Hybrid (1 Dynamic + 3 Knowles BA) in-Ear Monitors (Black), FiiO FD1 Hi-Res Earbuds Wired,in The Earphone,Beryllium-Plated Dynamic Driver,4-Stranded High-Purity Monocrystalline Copper Cable, 0.78pin,Strong Bass (Without Mic,Black), FiiO FH7 5-Drive (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid in-Ear Earphones/Headphones with DIY Sound Filters,High Fidelity for Smartphones/PC/Tablet (Black), FiiO FA9 Knowles 6 Balanced Armature Driver in-Ear HiFi Earphone with Detachable MMCX monocrystalline Silver-Plated Copper Cable DLP 3D Priting, High Resolution for Smartphones/PC/Tablet (Black), FiiO LC-BT2 Neckband MMCX Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Cable with aptX LL/LDAC, 24H Playtime, Microphone and Remote for FiiO/Shure SE215 SE315 SE425 SE535 (MMCX), CCA C10 High-Performance in-Ear Monitor,HiFi 1DD 4BA Hybrid Five Drivers in-Ear Earphone,Zinc Alloy Shell+Resin Cavity Wired Earbuds with 0.75mm 2 Pin Gold Plated Detachable Cable(Cyan Without mic) …, 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones Hi-Res Headphones with High Resolution, Bass Driven Sound, MEMS Mic, In-Line Remote, High Fidelity for Smartphones/PC/Tablet - Gold, Sony WF-1000XM3 Industry Leading Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds Headset/Headphones with Alexa Voice Control And Mic For Phone Call, Silver, 1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear Earphones Hi-Res High Fidelity Headphones Warm Bass, Spacious Reproduction, High Resolution, Mic in-Line Remote Smartphones/PC/Tablet - Silver/Gray, FiiO FH5 Best Over The Ear Headphones/Earphones Detachable Cable Design HiFi Quad Driver Hybrid (1 Dynamic + 3 Knowles BA) in-Ear Monitors for iOS and Android Computer PC Tablet, Quad Driver Headphones,ERJIGO KZ ZS6 High Fidelity Extra Bass Earbuds Without Microphone,with Detachable Cable (Black), FiiO Q1 Mark II Native DSD DAC & Amplifier for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Computers, FiiO FA7 Best Over The Ear Headphones/Earphones Detachable Cable Design HiFi Quad Balanced Armature Driver in-Ear Monitors for iOS and Android Computer PC Tablet(Blue(L) and Red(R)-Clear Abstract, Linsoul KZ ZSX 5BA+1DD 6 Driver Hybrid in-Ear HiFi Earphones with Zinc Alloy Faceplate, 0.75mm 2 Pin Detachable Cable for Audiophile Musician (with mic, Cyan). The F9 marketing collateral made no mention of the Knowles partnership at the time so the F9 Pro should be seen as bringing in a new era of sorts on FiiO IEM armature assemblies. It is terminated with a 2.5mm TRRS gold plated plug. Have you thought about the RHA CL750 or the MA750? I know that they make good products at very competitive price. The large venting on the inside shell will take a little away from the isolation of an otherwise excellent fit. For Android Nougat 7 on an LG G6, I did get full volume control and play and pause on the stock music player. I was a little skeptical about whether these drivers would make a big difference or not but in the end, it actually turned out to be a bigger difference than how I imagined it. The pitch is fairly similar to the F9 with one or two important tweaks. The F9 Pro is one of the few audiophile earphones that utilize a triple driver setup that consists of one dynamic + two BA (Balanced Armature) drivers. I think it works a little better than the original black color by visibly accentuating the ripple contours a little more. It houses a superior SPC wire to the OFC of the F5. For the reference my favorite sound signature is in AKG K550. You’ll find this design on most audiophile earphones, as it’s superior for fit, security, and microphonics cable noise … I recommend at least trying F9 PRO, it’s worth your effort, I decided to keep them in my stable for a comparison with the next review candidates. I found a slight twist and bias pressure outwards in one motion snapped the cables off very easily. The additional six sets are 3 sets of clean white and red stem single bore silicone tips and 3 sets of foam tips. The final tweaks are more cosmetic but still useful. F9 Pro has the same dynamic driver inside, so the bass amounts and qualities are quite similar with F9… Driver configuration: Triple hybrid (9.2mm Dynamic driver + 2 Balanced Armature drivers) 3. The sound quality is where the real test is. The Knowles dual balanced armature TWFK-30017-000 gives the F9 Pro immense capabilities in resolving every last detail, all in a truly powerful and overwhelming presentation of your music - the … The foam tips will relax the top end even further and accentuate the low-end but they will seal the best. The F9 utilizes a dynamic driver made of PEK (polyether ketone) polymer nanocomposite, known for not only being tough but also being light. My Chinese is not that good. All IEMs in Fiio’s F series feature this hybrid triple-driver configuration, but what sets the F9 Pro … The F9 Pro unbalanced cable is also finished with red and blue rings on the MMCX side to denote left and right and provide enhanced visibility for easy matching. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Fiio F9 Pro … Could you please compare them? The second cable is a 2.5mm balanced 1.2m MMCX terminated cable which is also made with a TPE jacket. These headphones come, like the F9, with … FiiO F9 Pro Over-The-Ear Headphones w/ Detachable Cable -- Titanium FUNCTIONALITY Headphones are able to power on but both earbuds have been blown out Headphones only produce static due to this … FiiO F9 vs FiiO F9Pro - F9Pro is the bigger brother of F9, with improved Knowles Drivers, although they are almost double F9's price. Freely switch between balanced and … I have used Fiio products before, and one of my first portable amps was a Fiio. I will check out RHA and compare them with F9 pro then. FiiO FA1 Over The Ear Earphones Detachable Cable Design HiFi Single Balanced Armature Driver Earp… The good news is if you have an F5 you can simply swap them over as both are MMCX terminated. The FiiO F9 Pro is a revision of the existing F9 IEM and will sell at a slightly higher price of $139.99. My only concern in F9 PRO is slightly recessed mids as i heard in other reviews.
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