You have until Feb 01, 2021 to return or exchange items bought after Oct 19, 2020. There’s no talking, so it just gives you a better sense of the tone. It's clear, not muddied in any way, and very much reminds me of the Novus NV10's sound engine. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Definitely the nicest DP around this price or higher. So, let’s dive right into the sound on this Kawai KDP110. The other nice thing about the KDP110 digital piano is that they’ve equipped it with a 40-watt stereo amplifier, 20 per side, it’s got two speakers. It makes it easy as a practice companion piece. It’s a huge sample, and it’s a really high-quality sample to be equipping with a digital piano in this price range. Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2019. The stand is firm and every part of the instrument looks and feel… It doesn’t mean that you’re going to love the sample, some people find the sample maybe a little bit too mellow, or a little too dark, or too broad. The 88 key KDP110 is ahome pianoand not designed to be easily transported. And it’s something that’s become standard on the more expensive instruments in the industry from all of the big players. Love it. I did expect the volume to be higher, although it is adequate. It’s a huge sample, and it’s a really high-quality sample to be equipping with a digital piano in this price range. on Piano Tuning – How and Why Does a Piano Go Out of Tune? As always, Kawai has let their decades of experience crafting fine acoustic … And most of them over the $2,000 also have it at this point. Really lovely instrument if you ever have a chance to play that on its own. The unit only comes in one finish, which is the matte premium rosewood finish that you’re seeing here on camera. All other standard return policy conditions apply.. Close I love Kawai pianos and was very interested in the KDP 110 but couldn’t find very many reviews. However, it is a great piece to have around your house—elegant and simple. No discreet audio out, which means that if you plug this into a speaker, the onboard speakers of the KDP110 will shut off. But I love it, and I know a lot of other people who have been quite impressed by the instrument. I'm glad to see Bluetooth incorporated on an entry-level DP. The Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano was conceived as the next step in evolving the art of the piano. And the left pedal actually is already preset to control the rotary function on the Leslie speaker simulator. We’ve covered it here in a video review & accompanying written article, and we hope you enjoy the info! Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2019. All new products purchased from Bonners are covered by a minimum 12-month return to base (RTB) warranty unless otherwise stated on your receipt. It gives you a really good sense of what its tones are at home in the comfort of your living room. let's dive right into the sound on this KDP 110 first thing that's worth noting is that Kawai has loaded this up with their sk-ii X 88 note sample Bank this is a big deal it's a … New 3-sensor Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action; Shigeru Kawai … It comes with a triple pedal system and this is worth mentioning because it’s a little esoteric, but for some people, they’re going to find this function or this feature really well thought out. And so, you have this really full, complex sample that they’ve loaded up on here, and it’s being pushed through speakers, which are bigger and more powerful than you typically find at this price range. This is a big deal. Dollar for dollar, by far one of the best piano playing experiences on the market in the $1000 range. Burgmüller 25 (25 Etudes Faciles, Opus 100), Czerny 30 (Etudes de Mécanisme, Opus 849), Beyer 106 (Vorschule im Klavierspiel, Opus 101), Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1A, Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1B. We’re going to talk about some of the new additions to this piano, with the hope of helping you better determine if the KDP-110 is the right choice for you. So, thanks very much for watching, we really appreciate it. Whether you’re using this to hook up to a computer, or a tablet for recording, or even just for your own playing within the instrument itself, that triple sensor really does increase the sensitivity and the accuracy of what you’re hearing compared to what’s going on, since its this sensor that translates downward motion on the key into “1”s and “0”s. Be sure to check out the other videos where all we do is actually play the KDP110, no talking. Return to base means that the goods must be returned to us under the terms of the warranty. Lots to like there, I think really appropriate for the first instrument for somebody just starting out or as just a nice simple stand-in for an acoustic piano for, say, rehearsal space or, you know, a casual hobbyist player at home. It’s 192-note polyphony on the KDP110, which is ample. So, to load that level of a sample up on the instrument, I think, immediately gives this an edge in some respects, especially for people focused strictly on tone quality. The ES110 hasn’t changed much from its predecessor, the ES100, in terms of appearance. But certainly, I am a fan. Kawai ES8 Review; Kawai ES110 Review; Kawai KDP 110 Review; Casio. Kawai KDP90 At A Glance – Is This Piano For You? And we get to the harpsichord. So, having something that doesn’t cost a mint with a pretty authentic harpsichord response is something that a lot of people actually use a lot more than I originally realized, to be honest. Kawai KDP110 Review. I’ve been looking at the Kawai KDP-110… Piano Tuning – How and Why Does a Piano Go Out of Tune? The sound quality is very good. To wrap up the sound or the tone of this, we’ve got the SK-EX sample going through their Harmonic Imaging sort of algorithm. I’m Stu Harrison. And of course, if this is your first video that you’re seeing, please do subscribe. So, that could be something like GarageBand, that could be Kawai’s own apps such as Virtual Technician that allows you to basically take MIDI information in and out of the machine wirelessly, and it’s a very simple one to set up and to get going. Best thing, of course, always get to a store, try it yourself, see if you like it. The Kawai KDP90 can work for pianists with any level of skill at all. Again, on a digital, I find… Like, I used to play the pipe organ as a high school gig, so I spent a lot of time, hours, and hours, and hours of my life behind real pipe organs. I’ve been trying to research mainly the actions as that’s what I think would be most important. Depends on your region, you can choose either a Black or Rosewood color. Kawai kdp10 I just got mine today and IMO it"s simply great.the sounds are dynamic the keyboard action is excellent this was an upgrade from a korg180 what a difference Rob Stockdale Holbrook NY Kawai KDP110 Digital Home Piano Reviews Let’s now move on to features. It also has a bit of a softer, I don’t know, bottom to the action, which I find mimics an acoustic piano a little more accurately than what I’m used to in this price range. It’s equipped with an onboard metronome, transpose function, which is really handy, a basic recorder, and it also has quite a few educational features built right into it. You can tell that Kawai has conceived of this as something that’s going to work really well in the context of a lesson system. Toronto's No. And this is where the trade-off comes for the price. Featuring the Grand Feel Pedal system, Sliding Key … So, you’re kind of covering all of your normal basses with the onboard sounds. Even if you had the money, where are you even going to find one? Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2019. An impressive addition to Kawai’s digital piano line-up, the modest KDP110 features the Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action, beautiful Shigeru Kawai … And so, I think it’s a well-mated action to the sound engine and the speaker system that we’ve already talked about. An exceptional introduction to Kawai digital piano quality. In terms of other functions and features on here, you’ve got several different modes to split up the keyboard. And, of course, it’s being pushed through a set of very high-quality 40-watt amp and speaker system, 20 per side. It’s pretty fun. Earning a reputation as the ‘premier piano of Japan,’ it graces the stages of concert halls and … For those without a compatible smart device (or who aren’t feeling up to the tech challenge), the KDP110 still comes with the usb-midi connectivity for a hard-wired connection. But otherwise, it is kinda nice when a keyboard has two separate outs. It’s sound technology that offers up flexible Virtual Technician functions to control nuanced elements of the tone (like damper resonance, hammer resonance, reverb, etc), more control over the dynamic range through touch curves and voicing. So, that’s a good thing. The sampled piano sounds are very good, although there is a slight digital sandpaper over everything (what else is new). It means every single note has its own sample that’s been recorded on their full nine-foot handmade concert grand in Japan. Let’s get started right away. And some Hammond, which I think Kawai has actually done a really great job of for this instrument. The rosewood KDP110 88-Key Digital Piano from Kawai is an addition to Kawai's digital piano lineup that features a sampled Shigeru Kawai SK-EX 88-key grand-piano sound, Responsive Hammer Compact II … Hopefully this helps Action: The KDP has fully weighted, gr. It also comes in black and in white, though these colors are only available in certain countries (not in the US). The Kawai KDP110 boasts numerous areas of improvement and innovation within its offering in the KDP110 this price range. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. The Kawai KDP 110 is a console style digital piano. The picture and description does not show or specify that a bench was included so I ordered one on Amazon. The board does not remember your settings after being turned off, which is inconvenient. However, I recommend having one other person to assist in the install. My Daughter Loved it, and plays it every day. We’ll see you back for next time. I think it’s a really, really great feature. Its worth noting that even though the KDP series is considered entry-level for Kawai, in the industry as a whole, the KDP … The first thing that’s worth noting is that Kawai has loaded this up with their Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand Piano 88-note sample bank. We are talking about the action today, we’re going to be talking about the sound, we’re going to be talking about the various connection possibilities that you have through its convenient Bluetooth. Kawai's KDP110 digital piano includes a 3-song recorder, letting you record your performances to internal memory and play them back at the touch of a button. But it is a pretty versatile finish, I think it’s going to work in the majority of situations. For yearning musicians, the Kawai KDP 110 is a famous passage level digital piano that proposals up unfathomable incentive as extraordinary keyboard activity, great … Sell Us Your Piano / Used Piano Assessments, Kawai KDP110 is a popular entry-level digital piano, Kawai has actually done a really great job, Kawai’s own apps such as Virtual Technician, Yamaha P125 vs Kawai ES110 Digital Piano Comparison, Review & Demo, Learn to Read a Guitar Fingering Chart: 10 Quick and Easy Tips, How To Clean Your Piano And Maintain An Acoustic Piano, Kawai K-800 Upright Piano Review & Demo – Kawai K Series, How To Connect Your Roland Digital Piano to Bluetooth | Piano Partner 2, GarageBand, Bluetooth MIDI, How to Buy a Used Piano (2020) – Tips, Questions to Ask, and What to Look For, Shigeru Kawai: 10 Interesting Facts About Shigeru Kawai Pianos, C. Bechstein A 192 (M/P192) Grand Piano Review & Demo. And especially, if your teacher knows that you have this at home, they may be able to use that and integrate it into their lesson structure for you, which would be a ton of fun. And, sure, I mean, you don’t have a lot of opportunities to modify that sound, but it’s a pretty true sound. Along the same lines, one of the most interesting KDP110 features is the headphone type settings which allows you to specify whether you have earbuds, closed, or open style headphones. The Kawai KDP110 is equipped with Bluetooth, which allows you to connect certain apps to this instrument that uses convenient Bluetooth MIDI. Following its release at NAMM this week, I have been lucky enough to have played the brand new Kawai digital piano – the KDP110.Having bought a Kawai KDP90 digital piano several years ago, I had exceptionally high expectations from the new model, seeing as the KDP … I spent a dozen hours reading article after article on what digital piano to buy. I even went to two university piano sales. At… keys that simulate a genuine acoustic action very … Essentially, it’s a graded hammer keyboard action. These settings trigger and draw on the spatial headphone sound (SHS headphone sound for short) algorithms that Kawai developed along with Onkyo and is deployed throughout their upper range of digital pianos as well. So, we’ll throw the specs up on the screen so you can check them yourself visually one more time, and then we’ll move on to the action. It’s not technically an ivory texture like you get on, say, one of the Roland models in this price range, but there is still some grip, and I like the level of grip, it’s a very satisfying instrument to play over. Yes, we have great wattage outta the speakers, yes, we’ve got the triple sensor, we’ve got really fat samples coming out of the SK-EX Harmonic Imaging engine. I love Kawai pianos and was very interested in the KDP 110 but couldn’t find very many reviews. Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2018. Overall, this was a great choice for me as my upstairs practice instrument. The action allows for great expression and has no problems at all with any repertoire that I've played. Over the $3,000 mark, it’s a given that you’re going to see triple sensors. It’s pretty unusual to get it underneath $2,000. Now we will make the comparison between digital piano teeth: on the one hand the Yamaha YDP-164 Arius which has a price of €990/$1200/£899 and on the other hand the Kawai KDP-110 … © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates, Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2019, I have been playing piano for eight years and have even taken it up at school. However, we only have two audio…rather, two headphone jacks out. Cabinet style digital pianos and acoustic pianos are covered by our on-site warranty. You’ll be kept up to date with all things piano, and any new reviews, you’ll get a nice little notification. So, all of the popular method books, literally, virtually all of them, have some type of preloaded content that’s sitting right inside the KDP110. So, that’s the main default one. The keys have triple sensors, so even fast repetition sounds great. And you’re into sort of an electric piano sample set. So, for people who are feeling intimidated by the prospect of syncing this all up with a tablet (iPad) or other smart devices using iOS or android, let me assure you, it’s far more simple than you might be worried that it would. You can kinda get around that by plugging one of these into a headphone and then the other one into a speaker, if you had to do that, which is actually what we’re having to do today. It also comes with a slick-looking key cover to keep those keys free of dust and debris when you’re not using it. Hopefully this helps Action: The KDP has fully weighted, gr. What's more, there's a … In fact, the only Kawai … And then, some vibes and your string samples. Thanks AMAZON!!!! This is a very nice sounding digital piano and it looks great as well however it has a very audible rebound noise when the keys are released. Hey, everybody, and welcome to another digital piano review here at Merriam Pianos. If you are used to an acoustic, you’ll know that the left pedal and the right pedal don’t have the same tension; they do have different levels of resistance, and then the middle pedal, which is your sostenuto, normally, is quite light. The headphone's spatial sound is great, as well. Lots, and lots, and lots to play with there. It’s possible to put the ES110 on a desk or a table, which is not necessarily convenient, but still possible. That action is going to feel really nice and satisfying. The piano will nicely fit into smaller spaces, whether it’s a tiny apartment or a dorm room. Harpsichord’s not a sound that I use that much, but I do know a lot of people in the classical scene where getting a real harpsichord to rehearsal is virtually impossible.
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