available in 9, 8, 7, 6 club groupings. PGX Single Length Iron Set, 5-PW + AW (7 Clubs) 4.4 out of 5 stars 25. I hit a Wishon single length 7 iron against my ’16 Apex Pros and a Hogan Radial 7 iron. SMT Golf EQ Length Iron Component Heads - Single Length - HEAD ONLY - Choose Set BUY IT NOW: CONFIGURE SET TO SEE PRICE Model: _____ Manufacturer's Warranty These irons are covered under manufacturer's warranty. EQUS A-1® The EQUS A-1 is a revolutionary new cavity back mid-sized iron made from soft 431 Stainless Steel. Used a few of the longer iron shafts in the 5,6,7 heads. Here are their listed iron specs: The Integra i-Wins have a full hybrid set option (39mm face height) made of 431 stainless steel with specs listed as per below. Cobra Golf is a leading golf club and golf equipment manufacturer, committed to providing superior-quality, high performance products for avid golfers of all abilities. They are extremely popular for a reason. Comp-I-AT-Adjustable. You need to seriously consider the Pinhawk SL single length irons! An antecedent can be found in a set of irons Bobby Jones designed for Spalding, in which every two clubs were the same length (3- and 4-iron were the same length, 5- and 6-iron, and so on). Integra i-Win Single Length iron is a fascinating departure from traditional incremental length … Heater F-35 Offset Black Cup Face Titanium Driver, Integra SoooLong II Bi-Face Titanium Driver. egk single length iron set 4/aw powerflex graphite senior shafts. c $23.40. PK-IH. If I had to describe Single Length irons with one word, it would be: simplicity. Contrary to a traditional set of irons, the SL's are all designed to be the same length throughout the entire set. Whether you are a brand new golfer, a hacker of 30 years, or even a single digit handicapper, single length irons can take your iron play to a whole new level of consistency and confidence. We can also build … Integra. The Sterling single-length irons, developed by component-club guru Tom Wishon and teacher and speed golfer Jaacob Bowden use an 8-iron shaft length for control but add flexible faces to the 4-iron through 7-iron. There is no intellectual property or new technology involved because single length irons are simply irons with same length shafts and same weight iron heads — that’s it!. Our cavity backed perimeter weighted clubhead design provides a maximum forgiving clubhead experience. For over 20 years our 1 Irons have been the industry standard for Single-Length golf club design and performance. Single Length irons are the biggest thing to hit the golf industry in 15 years! Please note that upgrading to a faster shipping method simply speeds up the shipping time by a few days, but it will still take up to 7 business days for your order to be shipped. There is no substitute for experience! $98.94. The single-length set (37¼ inches) includes four head designs to help make long irons more forgiving and faster and short irons more compact and controllable. Shop Pinhawk SL Single Length Iron Heads, Golf Iron Heads at MonarkGolf.com | Special Offer Available, Call Now : (877)-551-4653 You need to seriously consider the Pinhawk SL single length irons! Our Certified Clubmaker is very familiar with the single length concept and has the skills to build a well-balanced set of irons at any of these lengths. $195.74 $ 195. The suggested men’s length for the Pinhawk SL irons is 37", which is the standard 7 iron length. The Pinhawk SL (Single Length) Irons are all designed to be the same length throughout the set. I like the fact that I can build the club to my specs. In addition, the swingweight and flex are also the same. They are extremely popular for a reason. Hopefully It'll work out and feel decent. Our suggested length for the Pinhawk Single Length Irons is 37”, which is a typical 7 iron length. The SL is short for SINGLE LENGTH. Used the wedge shafts in the wedge heads. We offer multiple different sets of single length irons, all of which are custom made to your specifications. Contrary to a traditional set of irons, the SL's are all designed to be the same length throughout the entire set. CHOOSE YOUR HEAD GROUPING RIGHT HERE IN THE LISTING. The clubs have a great feel, very playable and the price was right. They have extreme perimeter weighting and a … But to have the same swing, same set up every time you go to hit a ball. PGC. Our suggested length for the Pinhawk SL’s is 37″ (Normal 7 iron length), but we can build them for you as long as 37.5″ (Normal 6 iron length) to as short as 36 1/2″ (Normal 8 iron length). NOVEMBER UPDATE: With the surge in popularity of single length clubs after Bryson DeChambeau won the U.S. Open with his single length irons, orders are currently taking approximately 7 business days to be built and shipped. One length + one swing = a better way to play! Single length iron sets have arrived! ... Comp-I-Heater 3.0 GOLF COMPONENTS. Its unique design features 100% CNC precision milled face and grooves, progressive offset, bounce and swing weight. AGXGOLF Men's Same Length Irons Set 4-9 Irons + PW + Bonus SW, Stainless Steel: Senior, Regular or Stiff Flex Cadet, Regular or Tall Length… I saw that great price for the set of In1Zone Single Length iron heads so I bought them and built myself a set (4H, 5H, 6-PW). Looking for more consistency from your iron game? We know from 6 years of single length iron development that the Wishon Golf EQ1-NX Single Length irons have all the requirements to deliver a seamless transition for shot distance with each club compared to a conventional set, while at the same time offering the main benefit of the Single Length concept of identical swing motion and feel for every club. Our golf clubs offer golfers a competitive performance advantage and functionality through innovative design, such as E9 Face Technology, Adjustable Flight Technology and Baffler Rail Technology. Cut the butt end to length as if were a 7-iron. The Pinhawk SL irons can be credited with putting single length irons on the map! free shipping . P&K 5500 Iron Head 3-PW Set. c $175.89. i Drive Nitro Iron Club Heads (#5Pw) Comp-I-RJ-iDrive-Nitro. EDIT: This review has been up here for something approaching three years now and hopefully has helped a lot of golfers decide if single length irons are a good fit for them. I had to epoxy butt extensions in but that doesn't matter to me. In addition, the swingweight and flex are also the same. The distances were within a yard of each other. The idea for single-length irons goes back at least to the 1930s, probably much earlier. $49.00. Likely the most famous was the Tommy Armour EQL (sounds like equal to me) set of the late 80's. In addition, the swingweight and flex are also the same. Please direct all warranty issues to . Then I order your pinhawk single length irons and I am so happy I did. This is to maintain a proper distance gap between clubs. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Pinhawk SL (Single Length) Iron - Custom Assembled. single length component iron heads COMPLETE CLUB HEAD IRON SETS, 4 AND 5 HYBRID IRON HEADS AND 6 THROUGH SAND WEDGE CAVITY BACK IRON HEADS. The Pinhawk SL (Single Length) Irons are all designed to be the same length throughout the set. No need to flatten the plane a few degrees forthe long irons or get over the ball more for wedge shots. You can expect delivery in 10-15 business days with the standard shipping. Turbo Power Adjustable Iron Head. Integra i-Win Single Length Iron Heads The newest and hottest trend in golf is single-length irons! Used the middle irons in the 8,9 heads. In addition, the swingweight and flex are also the same. Imagine being able to hit your #3 iron with the same ball striking consistency as you do your #9 iron … When you get done, all clubs will be the exact same length with the only change being the loft. We carry a variety of different single length clubs such as Wishon Sterling, Pinhawk, In1Zone, and Integra i-Win which are all 100% custom made to order. $58.94. These irons allow you to have a single setup, posture, swing speed, and feel to make a golf swing that is easier to repeat for added consistency and ball striking accuracy. The loft gapping is slightly larger than traditional irons so as to maintain a proper distance gap between clubs. egk single length iron component, complete set 4 iron-sand wedge. I have used and appreciate the information about single length iron fitting easily found on the VG website. Hours:Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST, Sat-Sun 9am-2pm. These heads incorporate a "game improvement" design without looking clunky, making them a good fit for a wide range of golfers. Based on the component quality and the ease of order/delivery, I recommend Value Golf for your component needs. egk iron heads only for single length , rh, 4,5,6,7,8,9,pw,aw,sw, heads only . This allows the golfer to use the same swing, on the same plane, with the same feel, for each iron in the set. Our iron lines are not built for any particular handicap, age, or skill level. shipping: + c $10.36 shipping . The driving force behind this rise in popularity is Bryson DeChambeau’s successful amateur career, entrance on the PGA Tour, and relationship with Cobra Golf, the first major manufacturer to produce two sets of single length irons (standard and forged). The Pinhawk SL (Single Length) Irons should be seriously considered by any golfer seeking more consistency in their iron game. $190.80. Sure single length irons are not new to the golf industry but are becoming more and more popular in golf. complete club head iron sets, 4 and 5 hybrid iron heads and 6 through sand wedge cavity back iron heads. The golfer can use the same swing withthe same swing plane. The Integra i-Win Single Length Iron Irons feature same size clubface technology, from long iron to short iron, creating the lowest center of gravity of any iron head on the market. You will find that your distances will be very similar to those of a conventional set of irons. senior special! single length component iron heads. I received my order sooner than expected. I think single length irons are the best way to go for golf, the distance claims made by club companies today are getting outrageous. In addition, the swingweight and flex are also the same. Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles, Copyright © 2020, Single Length Golf. We also have a few standard sets such as Mazel, Orlimar, and Cobra ONE Length. On a recent PGA broadcast, where Bryson DeChambeau was leading the field (with single length irons), Greg Norman said, “If I had to do it all over again as a 13 or 14-year-old, I would go to one-length clubs.” It is without a doubt the most significant change to golf equipment since the first 460cc driver came out in 2003. 2. A custom fitted set of single-length golf clubs produces a stunning increase in consistent ball striking, distance, and accuracy for golfers of all skill levels and is the premise of the One Iron Golf System. Our Certified Clubmaker is very familiar with the single length concept and has the skills to build a well-balanced set of irons at any of these lengths. Finally Integra Golf offers a low price alternative to expensive brand name component heads. I know that the idea of "same length irons" has been around for many years, but there has been more interest recently because at least one pro has been using them on the PGA tour. Give me a little extra height in the 5 iron … Pinhawk Single Length Irons-The Complete Review. Powered by Shopify, Call us at 858-859-8330 with any questions! If someone orders a set +1/2”, then make that length ½” over your standard #7-iron length FOR ALL CLUBS IN THE SET. Integra of TSC Enterprise is in the single length iron market with their i-Win irons…also presumably since 2016. Single Length Irons are a great choice for golfers of all abilities. We also carry several single length full hybrid sets, fairway woods, and even drivers! 2019/20 Update. And just like that driver forever changed how drivers are made, single length technology may forever change the way iron sets are made. I have played the cobra single length clubs and did not like the results. Our suggested length for the Pinhawk SL’s is 36.5″ (Normal 8 iron length), but we can build them for you as long as 37″ (Normal 7 iron length) to as short as 36 ″. Iron and hybrid heads were within spec and attractive. choose your head grouping right here in the listing. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. 74. We have taken our most popular PGX series and are now offering it in a single length option. $79.60. I have played the 1 iron clubs and did not like the feel. Since 2015, single length irons have been rapidly gaining popularity among amateur golfers across the United States. The Cobra King F7 One and Edel’s SLS-01 feature different iron designs within the set to optimize ball flight. Our goal is to help make golf as simple as possible for you by taking all of the variation & complications out of a traditional set. Unlike a traditional set of irons, these Pinhawk single length clubs are all designed to be the same length throughout the set. Wishon’s new single length iron design concept EQ1-NX offers same length and high COR low loft iron characteristics while adding many new performance enhancing features to mark a definite step forward in game improvement iron design.
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